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INFO: Mod Übersicht
« am: November 03, 2008, 08:53:49 Nachmittag »

Zitat von: Reality Mod
Infos by Highlander
The old crew members from Psyphon finnished up on the JO-Reality version 0.25 back in 2006.
So After 2 years of inactivity brought on by lack of proper tools, a dwindling fan base, and the prospect of greater things, it is with great excitement I announce that the Joint Operations: Reality Expansion will be re-activated for further development.

When the JOR mod was first created, the team dedicated themselves to supporting the mod indefinitely. As such we have always answered any questions posed, and tried to respect anyone's interest in the expansion. With new tools that allow higher quality production of assets, and increased documentation also furthers our reasoning in this re-activation. Also Leslie Lees aka "GettinBetter" has joined the team and has shown that he has the experience and determination to stick to the teams original goals to make JOR even better. He will be heading up the group along with long time JO mapping guru Steven Walker aka "Viking". This new team will be focusing on the JOR effort and aided by the rest of the Psyphon team, they will be able to introduce new assets and corrections. We are confident the community will enjoy the results of this team's work.

What is it?
For those not in the "know", JOR in it's prime was a hard hitting, fast moving expansion to Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising. It stressed tactical awareness and fire control over Rambo style pray and spray engagements, and made players think before jumping in the fray. None of this will change in the next iteration of the JOR Expansions.

What will be new?
Armed with new production tools, we will be importing many assets with a higher visual quality than before and we will be correcting many old assets. We will be assessing various game play elements (bullet spread, damage) for accuracy and will be taking feedback from the community on anything we missed in the last release.

We are now surveying the community for things they would like to see done in the next release, so please share your thoughts. Please direct all comments and feedback to the  forum: *klick*   
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