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Delta Force Xtreme 2 Update


posted:2009-06-04 06:22

IC:E-Mod Patch Version 2.0.1

Auch der IC:Europe Mod geht in die nächste Version. Mit dem Patch auf Version 2.0.1 werden einige Bugs behoben sowie neue Objekte hinzugefügt. Außerdem werden die IronSights verbessert/verändert. Den kompletten Changelog findet ihr im Forum, der Patch setzt Version 2.0.0 vorraus und ist im Download Bereich verfügbar.

Weapon Sights
- All Iron sighted weapons & Reflex sights set to zero (No Zoom)
- The G36E sight will be set to today's x3 zoom & the L85A1 to remain as x4 zoom - All other scoped weapons have been reduced to x2...
this is due to screen lag when scoped in around battle intense areas on maps...

- All sight images have been reverted back to IC weapon sights for better FOV...(except for G36E & L85A1)...

- All AA vehicle sights have been reduced to x6...this is also to reduce screen lag when zeroing in on air targets...
- FN-P90 - Given Reddot from AK103 & AK108 (Scalable)

- x4 new S&D objects will be added...
- x2 New buildings added - Mogadishu Style
- Player skins have been updated to suit theme of mod including Winter Sniper Ghille & Desert Sniper Ghille...
- The remaining IC mod terrains have been imported over into the mod...




posted:2009-06-03 17:28

SG-MOD: Patch auf Version 2.0 released

Der SpaceGate Mod von Luke Nadewalker geht in eine neue Version. Seit kurzem ist ein Patch auf Version 2.0 verfügbar. Dieser ist knappe 90MB groß und behinhaltet eine große Anzahl an Verbesserungen. Den kompletten Changelog findet ihr im Forum:

- fix jaffa prime with zap firing like loonie
- added sgc main gate room without doors
- added Blaster Pistol
- added many new buildings and decorations
- added environments
- added terrains
- added ump45
- added aks74u
- new GUI
- added bot animation database
- reduced AI texture memory usage
- Improved "affiliate server" compatability
- added shell casing sounds
- added more ambient sounds
- improved Bullet sounds
- Improved m4 sight
- added overheat on weapons to ballence gameplay
- and more ......




posted:2009-05-30 17:38

Release - Delta Force Xtreme 2


posted:2009-05-28 06:49

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:) :D ;) :( 8)
Not sure if academia is much of a help with cirwypitong. I was a Philosophy, then computing science
30.11 14:23
Not sure if academia is much of a help with cirwypitong. I was a Philosophy, then computing science graduate, having first dropped out of architecture. I think a love of words n' reading instilled at an early age is the basis. But that needs to be tempered into something more sturdy, preferably under the watchful eye of a perfectionist, as mentioned by Ben. My own apprenticeship was served amongst the cynical hacks of the features dept. of Dublin's Evening Herald..-= Steve Dempseyb4s last blog .. =-. http://zyyueggn .com [url=http://mad]ma dxpujgpaq[/url] [link=http://yh]yhfb xvrx[/link]
12.11 10:32
Gute Frage, keine Ahnung :)
06.11 16:24
Was ist eigentlich aus geworden?
07.08 07:30
Schau auf: m
27.07 12:03
b4DBoy, gibt es die Gruppe schon ? Schick mal Link. Hab schon geschaut aber nix gefunden
06.07 03:01
Spielt hier noch einer DF1 oder DF2 ? Wenn ja suche Gruppe auf Facebook. DeltaForce 2 Server. :D

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